The basic rules you must know

Every time you take part in different sweepstakes you should know the foundation of such events and main rules of their holding. It will help you to choose the best one and also prevent from any troubles.

Firstly, read rules of the event you want to participate. Because if you do something improper you can lose the prize. Moreover, they sometimes have hidden ways to obtain more entries and increase the chances of winning.

To be confident in your awareness it is necessary to decide some issues:

1. Requirements for participants

Each sweepstake has restrictions that decide who can participate. Most of them are related to residence (country, state or even city), age (from 18 y.o. or only for children), some can be created only for men or only for women. Many of them have restrictions for people who connected with the sponsor.

2. Entry frequency

You should find out whether you can enter more than once. If the rules claim about only one entry do not exceed as sending in a second entry can get you disqualified. But there are could be such as daily, 24-hours, weekly, monthly restrictions. Unlimited entry allows sending as much as you can. Another type is numbered which offers a certain number of entries and it doesn’t matter when they are sent.

3. What requirements are must be met to do enter?

Some sweepstakes require to answer their questions, provides other information or perform a simple task.

4. Time of entry period

You should know when the sweepstake starts and ends to make sure you won’t be disqualified.

5. Are there any other restrictions?

Sweepstakes often have other usual restrictions as those who share the same IP cannot enter more than once, participation with only one email address, etc.

Use these simple rules and get your prizes. Good luck!

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